Battery chargers for industrial batteries


Since 1989, ATIB Elettronica has specialised in the design and manufacture of battery chargers for industrial batteries for a variety of applications and is active in over 35 countries worldwide.


For more than 30 years we have been developing battery chargers for industrial batteries, which are already chosen and used by numerous leading international manufacturers, for industrial batteries with maximum efficiency, safety and innovation.

30 years of experience

Founded in 1989 as the electronics division of ATIB Material Handling, a manufacturer of mechanical equipment for forklift trucks, ATIB Elettronica quickly established itself internationally as a benchmark for the production of battery chargers for industrial batteries. Thanks to the constant commitment, the skills acquired and the inspired management of its founder, Fernando Orlandi, the company quickly achieved important goals,

such as being present in over 35 countries worldwide, becoming a consolidated market leader in the production of battery chargers for the traction and lifting sectors, and opening up to innovative markets such as the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) sector and modern automated logistics. From the experience of ATIB Elettronica and ATIB Material Handling, two new activities have developed: ATIB Magnetics, engaged in the electromagnets field, and ATIB Advanced Systems, producer of special lifting equipment.

Quality battery chargers for industrial batteries at competitive prices

ATIB Elettronica’s mission is to develop quality battery chargers for industrial batteries at competitive prices. These chargers are used in a wide range of applications: from light and heavy traction to cleaning machines, from lifting platforms used in the construction industry to electric airport trucks.

The company’s flagship product is battery chargers for the traction and lifting sector,

ranging from chargers for forklift trucks to various warehouse machines and pallet trucks. Thanks to the experience gained in the field and the technical and technological skills of the in-house Research & Development department, ATIB Elettronca battery chargers for

industrial batteries are already chosen and used all over the world by the main manufacturing brands in many sectors. Flexibility, customisation and timeliness distinguish each project and allow us to meet our customers’ needs with precision and punctuality.

OEM References and Projects

Innovation, reliability and flexibility to be always at our customers’ side

The new company headquarters, built during 2019, is a modern and organised structure covering an area of over 10,000 square metres, strongly intended to offer an increasingly up-to-date and cutting-edge production of battery chargers for industrial batteries.

OEM supplied
sq. meters of covered area out of a total land of 19,000 sq. meters
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Thanks to an established network of international partnerships, ATIB Elettronica is currently operating in over 35 countries worldwide, successfully supporting the main leaders in the traction and lifting industry. In fact, ATIB Elettronica’s battery chargers

for industrial batteries are already used by renowned brand manufacturers in the field of goods handling and lifting, industrial batteries, electric vehicles, cleaning machines, aerial platforms and the latest generation of AGV batteries for automated logistics.

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    Flexible, state-of-the-art solutions allow us to offer a complete range of battery chargers for industrial batteries.

    ATIB Elettronica’s production includes a wide range of industrial battery chargers in order to respond with efficiency and versatility to the different needs of the market. To offer customers a customised choice for every need, the production includes conventional 50 Hz chargers for traditional lead acid batteries, a line of chargers for high frequency batteries, a specific range of chargers for latest generation lithium batteries, systems for diagnosis and maintenance of industrial batteries and DC/ DC converters. The in-house Research & Development department is constantly engaged in defining increasingly innovative and up-to-date solutions, in order to present the market with high-tech products, equipped with sophisticated electronics and able to satisfy increasingly transversal demands. This research and development activity, for example, has resulted in the latest models of battery chargers for high-frequency batteries, which stand out for their small size, advanced protection and the possibility of recharging any type of battery, from gel to AGM and lithium. Finally, our technical department is equipped with a certified laboratory to carry out the testing, operation, safety and electrical conformity of our production. Attention to the quality and safety of our battery chargers for industrial batteries has always been the pride of ATIB Elettronica and, by carrying out internal conformity tests, we are able to guarantee maximum levels of reliability for each product.

    Service and customization of battery chargers for industrial batteries. This is how a strong partnership with industry leaders starts.

    The battery chargers for industrial batteries designed and manufactured by ATIB Elettronica are distributed by the most well-known and qualified international manufacturers and dealers of batteries and electric vehicles for logistics, both traditional and automated for the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) field. The experience gained in over 30 years of activity in the sector, the technical and technological know-how achieved and the constant attention to innovation and continuous improvement have allowed us to “win” the trust of an extremely demanding, expert and attentive customers for everything related to the charging technologies and the technical characteristics of the products. The extreme flexibility and the wide possibility of customization of our production of battery chargers for industrial batteries are the essential characteristics that have allowed us to establish consolidated and long-lasting relationships with customers who stand out for their in-depth knowledge in the electrical handling field, industrial batteries and storage systems. Thanks to these solid collaborations, not only have we been able to expand our offer over the years to meet all the main applications required by the market, but we have also been able to offer increasingly specific services to improve performance, efficiency and safety of our end users. ATIB Elettronica, in fact, offers highly specialized technical and commercial courses, both at its headquarters and at client site. Furthermore, all battery chargers for industrial batteries manufatured can be fully customized upon request, not only in terms of functionality, the electrical specifications and the compliance with the regulations required by each country, but also in terms of design and aesthetics. In fact, we offer our customers, manufacturers and dealers the possibility to customize different parts of the battery chargers for industrial batteries through a special labeling service, tailored to each customer. Our service includes the customization of the cabinet with colors chosen by the customer, the presence of identification labels/stickers with the logo and the service data of the distributor and the customization of the user interface through a front panel in polycarbonate or industrial PVC made on request with colors, logos and writings of your choice. ATIB Elettronica is today a qualified and appreciated reference point for satisfying with precision and timeliness all the needs in the sector of industrial battery chargers, able to support customers with safe, efficient and cutting-edge proposals, which fully meet the demands of maximum performance, total reliability and also convenience of the contemporary market.

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