DC/DC Converters


ATIB Elettronica also includes a line of DC/DC Converters among its products for the traction, warehouse machinery and electric vehicles sectors.

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC type A & B

Suitable for all types of electric vehicles. Available in 12 V or 24 V version, with AMP connector.

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DC/DC Converters

DC/DC type C

Suitable for all types of electric vehicles. Available in 12 V or 24 V versions, with Faston contacts.

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DC/DC Converters

DC/DC type D

Suitable for all types of electric vehicles. Available in 12 V or 24 V versions, with MOLEX minifit SR connector and with galvanic isolation.

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    A versatile line of DC/DC Converters suitable for all types of electric vehicles and forklift trucks.

    Thanks to its thirty years of experience in the field of electronic components for forklifts, electric vehicles and aerial platforms, ATIB Elettronica also designs and directly manufactures a range of DC/DC converters, intended for the operation of devices inside vehicles that require specific auxiliary systems to be powered through the traction battery, by means of a voltage adaptation (step-down). ATIB Elettronica’s DC/DC converters ensure total reliability, guaranteeing correctly regulated DC voltage to vehicles and preventing any anomalies. All models are equipped with IP65 protection which, together with the available voltages and power (12 or 24V up to 300W – 600W for special versions), have already made our DC/DC converters the preferred choice of major international manufacturers. All our products are now available worldwide in more than 35 countries and always carry the most important quality and safety certifications.

    When to choose our DC/DC converters.

    The areas of use and possible applications of ATIB Elettronica’s DC/DC converters for industrial electric vehicles have no limits. The DC/DC converters, in fact, are designed by our internal technical department, providing a thirty years experience in the production of electronic parts for forklifts and electric vehicles. An experience that ensure the best functionality, total precision and the maximum flexibility. All models are completely sealed (IP65 waterproof and dustproof) and are equipped with a heat dissipation system integrated into the cabinet. Our catalog also includes ranges provided with multi-voltage input and with galvanic isolation. What more could you ask for from a DC/DC converter? The security of being tested and approved by the main manufacturers of electric vehicles and forklifts around the world, as well as by the most renowned and qualified international spare parts dealers!

    Features and main strength points of our DC/DC converters.

    The structure of our DC/DC converters ensures heat dissipation through the case itself or the mounting plate. Crowbar protections are present on most of the lines as well as output short circuit protections. Their wide range of applications is certainly the main strength, as confirmed by the many big players in the sector who have already chosen our converters all over the world. Our range is constantly expanding, since our goal has always been to respond to market demands with cutting-edge solutions, collaborating with manufacturers, retailers and end users for continuous improvement and mutual development. As for all ATIB Elettronica’s products, flexibility, versatility, safety and reliability are without any doubt the flagship of DC/DC converters, internationally appreciated for these characteristics, achieved thanks to the constant commitment and experience of our internal technical office. The use of certified raw materials from the italian and European territory, the choice of components duly checked and tested directly by our staff, together with a rigorously controlled production and assembly process at every stage, are a guarantee of the global quality of ATIB Elettronica’s DC/DC converters for industrial electric vehicles: designed to achieve excellent performances, built with maximum reliability.

    Present worldwide in over 35 countries.

    Innovative and reliable solutions at competitive prices.

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