Forklift battery chargers

North America

The complete range of forklift battery chargers for the North American and Canadian markets, certified for charging traditional lead acid batteries as well as modern gel and lithium batteries.

Forklift battery chargers

Serie 5

Serie 5 allows charging of lead acid batteries, with a charging time of 8 to 14 hours. Ideal for single or multi-shift operation.
Wa and WOPulse charging profiles

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Forklift battery chargers

HTUB range

High-efficiency chargers ideal for heavy traction applications. They are suitable for all types of batteries and high-speed charging.
440Vac and 600Vac 3ph
voltages 24, 36, 48, 72, 80V

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Industrial battery servicing systems


Three-phase multi-voltage warehouse charger, ideal for all purposes. Standard charging functions and constant current profiles for desulphation.
Multi-voltage chargers with desulphation system.

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    Forklift battery chargers, heavy traction batteries and warehouse machines, certified for the Canadian and North American markets.

    Certified by UL and CSA, ATIB Elettronica North American range of forklift battery chargers are fully compliant with the strict safety regulations in force in the USA and Canada, which establish the conformity of the products with the standards required for fire risk, electrical shock and mechanical hazards. Thanks to ATIB Elettronica’s laboratory, which is dedicated to the testing and safety trials of all our products, the forklift battery chargers are constantly tested and updated using state-of-the-art automated equipment. The North American traction forklift battery chargers range are divided into two main series, one for charging lead acid batteries and the second one for charging batteries, including modern lithium, gel and AGM batteries. All models are used in a wide range of applications: from warehouse machines and electric vehicles such as golf cars and airport tractors, to sweepers and scrubbers used in the industrial cleaning sector.

    When to choose our North American forklift battery chargers for traction.

    The North American line of forklift battery chargers for traction includes charging systems designed and manufactured by ATIB Elettronica specifically for the North American market. In fact, the forklift battery chargers included in this range are manufactured applying to specific certifications including those refering to the State of California, whose regulations require increasingly efficient battery chargers for forklifts and traction trucks equipped with the latest Energy Saving technologies. The ATIB Electronics catalog of North American products includes conventional forklift battery chargers and high frequency, with all the benefits and advantages that each of the two categories brings. The area of greatest relevance remains, as for most of our production, the logistics sector, but the high frequency range also gives a nod at many new areas of application. In fact, the forklift battery chargers for lift trucks in the HF version are also able to offer solutions with OPPORTUNITY and MULTI VOLTAGE profiles, guaranteeing high versatility of use.

    Features and strenght points of our forklift battery chargers for the North American market.

    The HF range of forklift battery chargers for traction proposed by ATIB Elettronica certainly offers the most compact models currently available in the North American market. LEDs and OLED displays guarantee maximum flexibility of use and great programming versatility. The conventional range is equipped with the same functions and features as the European Advanced range, and is therefore equipped with a programmable control card with internal memory, advanced charging algorithms and USB port for diagnostics and data download – via PC. All this along with the completness provided by all the precautions required by the CSA standards. Our catalog of traction forklift battery chargers destined to the Canadian and North American market, despite provided with a smaller portfolio of available models if compared to the European one, already covers over 80% of the market demand, fully satisfying the needs of our customers thanks to excellent performance, design and construction quality and constant technological +innovation. The continuous research and development of cutting-edge, flexible and highly performing solutions has also allowed us to create increasingly advanced devices also from the point of view of environmental sustainability: our fast and efficient charging technologies, in fact, not only allow cost-saving solutions to the user, but also reduce the environmental impact of our forklift battery chargers for traction. This is an aspect that is particularly appreciated in the North American market and is now increasingly demanded in Europe as well.

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