HF chargers


 Single Phase

A complete line of single-phase HF chargers for industrial applications, warehouse machinery, electric vehicles and cleaning machines.

HF chargers (high frequency)


Ideal for charging pallet trucks, golf carts and cleaning machines. They allow the charging of any type of battery.
230Vac 1ph
voltages 12/24V, 36V, 48V

Main Application

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HF chargers (high frequency)


Ideal for most warehouse machines, from forklifts to pallet trucks. They are suitable for all types of batteries.
230Vac 1ph
voltages 24V, 36V, 48V

Main Application

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HF chargers (high frequency)


Ideal for forklift trucks and most warehouse machines. They are suitable for all types of batteries.
230Vac 1ph
voltages 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
(72V-80V-96V available on request)

Main Application

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    Latest generation single-phase HF chargers.

    ATIB Elettronica‘s range of single-phase HF chargers includes different models designed by our in-house technical department to guarantee customers maximum performance, reliability and flexibility. Our HF chargers stand out for their versatile electronics, small size and, above all, for their ability to efficiently charge any type of battery, from hermetic models (gel and AGM) to modern lithium batteries. Like the entire ATIB Elettronica line, HF chargers are equipped with specific safety devices that protect both the performance of the system itself and the users, and ensure excellent performance over time and ease of use. Ideal for the traction and semi-traction sector, HF chargers are certified by the main international quality systems and can be further customised through specific optionals according to the user’s needs. The HF chargers offered by ATIB Elettronica are also innovative solutions from the point of view of environmental sustainability: the charging speed and advanced technologies used also reduce HF chargers environmental impact.

    When to choose our
    HF chargers.

    The HF chargers designed and manufactured by ATIB Elettronica are single-phase charging systems ideal for internal logistics, in particular for applications with machines such as sweepers, aerial platforms, pallet trucks, reach trucks and golf carts. The compact size of our HF chargers makes these products the ideal solution also for on-board installation. In this case, in fact, the optional functions available on request (such as the remote LED, the inhibitor contact and the spiral cable) make these machines even more useful and efficient. The possibility of setting the HF chargers also makes them very flexible and suitable for any use with any battery technology, from traditional versions to sealed batteries and lithium models.

    The operation of our HF chargers.

    On ATIB Elettronica HFXD, HFZD and HFYD single-phase HF chargers, the charge status is showed through a single LED; while the HFK model is equipped with a digital display and 4 LEDs display. Using easy-to-use DIP-switch selectors, you can choose different parameters according to your needs, thus customizing the charge curves and the rated voltage (12-24V on HFXD-HFYD). Then, the PC communication port allows you to interface with our software for further customization of the charging parameters, data download, service control data and complete setting of the charger. The HF chargers provide an activity report with the data download of the last 25 charging cycles performed. In the HFK model, the digital display with 4 programming keys on the panel allows direct management of the charging parameters, current and battery capacity. All our HF chargers are also equipped with a cooling system by means of fans with self-regulated speed based on the temperature and equipped with a start system only at internal component temperatures >40°C. Forced ventilation requires adequate attention to the place of installation, which is essential to guarantee an optimal life span to the charges. For this reason, we recommend placing HF chargers in well-ventilated and dry places, away from excessive heat sources and with good air flow. Versatility, thanks to the ability to charge any type of battery and compactness, which makes them perfect for most applications, make these chargers a practical, functional and efficient choice in any situation.

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