Motive power chargers


ATIB Elettronica’s production includes a complete range of motive power chargers for forklift trucks and warehouse machines, for electric vehicles and cleaning machines.

Maximum care in the production of motive power chargers

Our activities in the production of motive power chargers for traction and lifting batteries include careful selection of raw materials, creative product design and detailed care of the whole manufacturing process, with special attention paid to cooperation with local suppliers.

ISO9001:2015 certification

CE conformity + EAC conformity

CSA compliance

Safety and efficiency are the main priority for all our products.

For this reason, our in-house technical department is equipped with a complete and certified laboratory for testing, operation, safety and electrical compliance. Through the use of automatic testing devices, we carry out thorough quality checks and update our products

every six months. All our motive power chargers for electric vehicles and forklift trucks have the most important international certifications and fully comply with the strictest safety and quality protocols.

World-wide quick assistance

We are always at our customers’ side, guaranteeing prompt and precise answers for every need. Our dedicated staff are always available to provide prompt multilingual support service.

Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Motive power chargers, Brescia, Italy, ATIB Elettronica
Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, in an increasingly heterogeneous and dynamic market.

In order to successfully achieve this result, we are constantly engaged in research and development activities that allow us to create cutting-edge and superior quality solutions,

always in step with the continuous technical and technological evolution. From motive power chargers to chargers for electric vehicles, from chargers for forklift trucks to sweepers for cleaning,

all our solutions are designed and manufactured to offer high performance, long life, simplicity and safety in use.

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    Proven experience, maximum attention to the manufacturing process and continuous updating for a range of motive power chargers for traction batteries and electric vehicles.

    From the careful selection of raw materials through to production, every stage of our activities is strictly controlled by an internal protocol developed over the years to guarantee our customers efficiency, speed, flexibility and reliability. In addition to the safety and high performance of our products, we guarantee an efficient, multilingual support service to support each customer promptly and accurately.

    Small precautions for an excellent performance over time of the motive power chargers.

    In order to guarantee the best performance and a long life span over time to motive power chargers, for aerial platforms and for electric vehicles, it is always advisable to pay small, but important precautions and actions, in order to preserve their functionality and ensure the correct functioning of the products. All the necessary precautions are carefully indicated by our internal Technical Department and are always listed in the use and maintenance manual that follows each specific product. In any case, it is essential to check the correct use of the motive power chargers for traction, material handling and electric vehicle, making sure to periodically carry out the necessary maintenance, as specified in our manuals, in order not to hinder the operation of the product. Among the main conditions necessary to ensure optimal life span over time and the best performance, we remind you the installation in a clean and adequately ventilated environment, without exposure to excessive heat sources: ideal for ensuring a longer life of our motive power chargers, for vehicles and for aerial platforms. Further precautions for the correct use of our motive power chargers are the good condition of cables, sockets and plugs, the verification and correspondence of the plate data of the charger and the battery, as well as avoiding the creation of sparks. In general, we recommend that expert personnel check the good condition of your electrical network, verifying that the system is adequate to support the power of the battery charger and that the frequency and voltage matches with those indicated by the charging system. It is also always necessary to make sure that the motive power chargers for electrical industrial vehicles are protected with adequate delayed fuses, as indicated in the user manual. Correct periodic maintenance takes place on average every four months and includes some essential steps: check that the power and battery cables are intact and show no signs of wear or damage; check that the plugs are in good condition, with no signs of burning, crushing or other; remove dust and dirt from the chargers, taking care to change the place of installation if you notice signs of excessive humidity or dirt. Finally, once a year for the HF range, it is necessary to proceed with a more accurate maintenance, which also includes opening the motive power chargers for electric industrial vehicles for a thorough internal cleaning of each component: on the printed circuits we recommend using brushes, while on all other parts you can use compressed air at a distance of 20 cm. In addition to cleaning, we suggest checking the tightness of the screws and electrical connections, as well as the state of fuses, fuse holders and mechanical components in motion.

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