Traction battery chargers

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Quality, international presence, flexibility and experience. For all this, and more, ATIB Elettronica is recognised worldwide as a reliable reference point for the production of traction battery chargers, handling, electric vehicles and aerial platforms.


The in-house technical department is always available to assess any customised request and tailor-made project. In fact, in-house design is one of ATIB Elettronica’s main strengths and it allows to provide customers with increasingly sophisticated and versatile systems, designed to meet the most complex and specific requirements.


Since its foundation in 1989, ATIB Elettronica’s mission has been to design and manufacture top quality industrial traction battery chargers (light and heavy) at competitive prices, in order to provide the market with efficient and safe industrial battery chargers. Today, thanks to the constant research and development activities of the in-house technical department, ATIB Elettronica’s products stand out for the best quality/price ratio available on the international market.


Founded in 1989 thanks to the previous experience gained by its founder in the forklift truck equipment sector, ATIB Elettronica can boast in-depth technical and technological know-how as well as an in-depth knowledge of market requirements. For this reason, the company is able to understand and even anticipate customer requirements, proposing state-of-the-art solutions with excellent performance.


In the consultancy and feasibility study phase, as well as in the after-sales service, ATIB Elettronica always guarantees prompt and punctual responses, in order to provide each customer with efficient and timely solutions.


From the selection of raw materials to the design and management of the entire production process, ATIB Elettronica traction battery chargers for electric vehicles are developed in Italy in full compliance with the strictest quality protocols. Thanks to this, the company is already a partner to numerous international manufacturers.

Global presence

Thanks to an extensive and consolidated network of international partnerships, ATIB Elettronica is currently operating worldwide, providing its solutions in more than 35 countries. The company works alongside renowned brand manufacturers supplying traction battery chargers in different fields: lifting, cleaning machines, golf-cars and AGVs, the latter being used in the field of automated logistics.

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    Material selection and internal design for more efficient and versatile traction battery chargers for material handling and electric vehicles.

    The mission of ATIB Elettronica is to create traction battery chargers for aerial platforms, for electric and material handling vehicles that are highly performing, reliable and with an excellent quality / price ratio. All this is made in order to satisfy the “charging” needs of an increasingly advanced market in which we need to offer top-notch performance at the best conditions. To achieve our goal and to be able to be a real strategic partner for manufacturers and dealers in the field at an international level, we have chosen to constantly invest in both the research and development of effective, technologically advanced and flexible solutions, and in carefully selected raw materials and selected components, able to offer long performances over time and constructive reliability. Thanks to the internal Technical Department, always available towards customers for developing products that are totally tailor-made in terms of functionality, technical characteristics and also in terms of appearance, all the firmware and software of our traction battery chargers for lifting machines and material handling are designed and made internally with C / C ++ design language and are owned by ATIB Elettronica. In this way, therefore, we guarantee maximum flexibility and the great adaptive and responsive capacity of our company to the needs of the market and of each specific customer. The production process and assembly of traction battery chargers and for electric vehicles are subjected to rigorous internal procedures that include through checks and tests as well. All processes take place exclusively in Italy, to guarantee the high standards that have always distinguished all our products. We have a fully automated warehouse for the management of the smallest and most sensitive components, as well as 3 production lines that allow us to reach an annual capacity of about 50,000 products. We use certified raw materials from Italy and the European Union, paying particular care to the compliance of each materials used. From the enameled wire for the power transformers to the individual components of the electronic boards, in fact, each material is chosen internally and carefully tested by our R&D staff, which verifies its perfect suitability based on the specific characteristics of each project. Directly choosing each component allows us to safely trace and verify the efficiency and performance of each product made, ensuring that each customer complies with the agreed technical characteristics for all our traction battery chargers.

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